Take a deep breath, meditate & invite love into your life.

Tuning is a very simple and easy way to practice mindfulness through deep breathing exercises

It connects your breath with a low volume audible sound and the frequency of 528hz – also referred to as the Love Frequency. When played together it allows people to experience the feeling of equality and unity.

What is the 528hz frequency?

The 528hz frequency has a healing and health-promoting effect on our body, mind, and soul.


 Exhaling through the Lovetuner creates a subtle tone and the 528hz vibration starts to align the water molecules in your body and gives you an instant relaxation and eliminates anxiety. Repeat breathing cycles as often as you like, but you should do it at least six times to calm down your nervous system. Modern science and the ancient wisdom of the 528hz frequency makes the Lovetuner a “Must Have” accessory.

“When we talk about healing and spirituality and mastering our lives, it comes down to one thing: To become a Master, you have to first master yourself.
On your journey to master your life, the Lovetuner is your secret key to unlock your full potential.”

Sigmar Berg | Lovetuner CEO & Founder

The principle of resonance states:

If one object vibrates simultaneously as a second object, the second object is automatically placed into the same vibrational motion. Now imagine that you are the second object and the vibration of the Lovetuner brings out the love that naturally exists within you and aligns your vibrational frequency with the frequency of love.


Shown above are the results of a BESA (Brain Electrical Source Analysis) test showing the positive effects of the Lovetuner and the 528hz frequency on the human brain. Vital signs improved up to 90% by using the Lovetuner. For more information regarding this research project,  read our blog article on bioresonance!

Apart from the effects of 528hz on our DNA, it is also interesting to consider possible applications for our cells and cellular structure. In 2017 a study by the Biochemical Institute of the University of Tehran was published in the Journal of Addiction & Therapy. The study’s objective: to examine the consumption of alcohol is as a major problem in human society due to its harmful effects on various tissues, including the nervous system.

Cells treated with a combination of ethanol and 528hz tones at 80 dB exhibited a marked reduction in reductive oxygen species (ROS or oxygen radicals) and thus a reduction in cell death due to severe alcoholism.

The results: The current results indicate that in the Ethanol extract (IC50) the frequency of 528hz increased the viability of the cells by about 20% and reduced the level of oxygen radical production by up to 100%.

Conclusion: The use of these sound frequencies can be beneficial in reducing the toxic effects of alcohol on brain cells. This could not only prove to be an effective means of treating damage to the central vascular system in people with alcoholism (or even babies born to alcoholic mothers), but is also an indicator of the positive effects of 528hz on cellular health in general.

The positive effects of DNA repair through the 528hz frequency are increased life energy, mental clarity, conscious perception, awakened/activated creativity and ecstatic states like deep inner peace and joy.

In this respect, Dr. James Gimzewski of UCLA discovered that individual cells actually produce sounds and that different cells have different sound signatures or vibrations. Although this form of investigation (known as sonocytology) is a comparatively new science, the theoretical implications are tremendous. As an example, Dr. Gimzewski is hoping to destroy harmful cells by using their natural frequencies without damaging the surrounding cells.

The work of Dr. Lee Lorenzen, who discovered the clustered healing water, demonstrated that the 528hz frequency actually contributes to creating these six-sided water clusters.

The universal law of vibration indicates that all matter and molecules are constantly moving and vibrating. When we vibrate normal water at the 528hz frequency, it begins to vibrate synchronously and creates the crystal-shaped, high-energy water clusters that form the DNA’s protective matrix.

According to biochemist Steve Chemiski in his book “Fork In The Road”, the water clusters vibrate at precisely 528 cycles per second. Although this effect is an indirect one, it is the most remarkable example of 528hz’s potential to heal our DNA.

Professor Richard J. Saykally and other geneticists at UC Berkeley have performed experiments proving that reducing the access of a strand of DNA to these energized water clusters impairs its ability to function properly. Dehydrated DNA is less energetic and not as healthy.

Tuned at the 528hz frequency, the perfect water cell clusters are smaller and are better able to move through the membrane of DNA than normal water molecules, allowing them to better remove contaminants from the cells of our body, creating a healthier cellular environment capable of curing or preventing disease.

Following the notorious BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, which became known as “Deepwater Horizon”, John and Nancy Hutchinson used 528hz and other Solfeggio frequencies to treat the water. After only four hours of exposure, they were able to reduce the amount of oil and grease in an ocean section from 7 parts per Million to only 1 part per Million. This incredible achievement was later confirmed by Dr. Robert Naman and the Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Tune in with 

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of the most well-known names in alternative medicine and an advocate for the Lovetuner movement, knows the importance of tuning into yourself to create a safe living space, within your own body. 

“We want the world to be a more loving, peaceful, harmonious, happier and healthier place, right? First, we need to start with ourselves and be the change we want to see in this world. With the Lovetuner this is an easy and fun way to connect with ourselves and the world around us. The Lovetuner is more than just a meditation device – it is a mindset and a global peace and love movement. The Lovetuner teaches you the breath that spiritual gurus across the globe are going to recommend to you. It’s what you’ll find at your yoga retreat, sound bath, and guided meditation, but with the Lovetuner you can be your own guru.”

The Lovetuner movement has a global following and serves communities worldwide. Powerful group tunings are happening all over the world. In 2019 Lovetuner Seminars known as “Lovetuner Love Events” launched. The positive feedback we receive is heartwarming and humbling.

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