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Welcome to the Lovetuner Family

The Lovetuner is a revolutionary approach to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and arrive in the present moment, connecting your exhale with the power of the 528hz frequency.

Why do tuning?

To achieve an altered state rapidly in which it is possible to:

Reduce stress

Relieve anxiety

Prevent burnout

Strengthen your immune system

Increase your lung volume

Improve your health

Find inner peace through repetitive breathing

Arrive in the here and now

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the love, encourage people around the world to empower themselves, support our planet by raising the frequency and help to create a better world. We love to introduce you to the Lovetuner and its magical healing powers with the frequency of 528hz. The Lovetuner movement has a global following and our Lovetuner Foundation serves communities worldwide.

This mission brings us all from the head to the heart and we are more than grateful and humble to fulfill this mission with great devotion. We love to invite you to join us to support to overcome all boundaries and reunite all hearts.

“When we talk about healing and spirituality and mastering our lives, it comes down to one thing:

To become a Master, you have to first master yourself.

On your journey to master your life, the Lovetuner is your secret key to unlock your full potential.”

Sigmar Berg | Lovetuner CEO & Founder

Tune in with 

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of the most well-known names in alternative medicine and an advocate for the Lovetuner movement, knows the importance of tuning into yourself to create a safe living space, within your own body.

How do you Tune-In?

The Principle: try it yourself and discover what it can do… You can tune alone, with a friend, or in a group.

Here are a few tips for individual practice and use:

Pull the Lovetuner out of the cap and place the side with the rounded mouth piece between your lips.

Blow into the Lovetuner gently to create a smooth long note with a constant volume.

You can make the note last as long as you like. Athletes have reported tunings of well over a minute per exhale.

After tuning, enjoy the silence and your new fully-tuned state of being.

After exhaling, inhale through your nose allowing air to flow into the center of your body. Just leave the Lovetuner between your lips as you inhale, and then exhale again with the next note.

Repeat as long as it feels good – we recommend at least 6 breathing cycles.

You can tune almost anywhere: at home, during office breaks, in the car, with friends, on your yoga mat, in nature, etc.

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